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The Canadian Association of Regulated Importers (CARI) was formed in 1986 to ensure the right and ability for importers to do business like any other businesses, and to create one voice for commodities on the import control list or otherwise controlled by regulations. The Association was incorporated as a non-profit federal corporation June 1, 1988. Because global imports of food products, including shell eggs, egg products, chicken, turkey, cheese, and hatching eggs and chicks play an important role in the national supply management program, the need for CARI was evident. Before the formation of CARI, individual companies had to deal with government and agencies on a one-to-one basis. No one was certain what polices existed or if the “rules of the game” were being applied equally to all participants. By uniting under the umbrella of a national association, imports and import users were not only able to present their consensus opinion to various government departments and agencies in pursuing a fair and equitable import system, but also increase the transparency of the import control system and consistency of its application.

CARI is an association of distributors and importers of commodities on the import control list or otherwise regulated. Importers contribute to the manufacture of Canadian food products by providing, through imports, a source of specialty products which otherwise are not available in sufficient supply domestically. Such items include sized or portion controlled meat cuts, chicken wings, tenders, cut-9 chicken, turkey cuts, etc.

CARI promotes public understanding of the role and contribution of importers as part of the national supply management program. In cooperation with other trade associations, CARI promotes the common interests of importers by communicating with supply mangement agencies, boards or commissions or relevant Canadian industries. Currently, the association has over 60 members and is in its 23rd year of operation. The national office is based in Ottawa and its affairs are run by a duly elected Board of Directors.

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