Health Canada’s Food Safety Campaign

CARI is a founding member of the Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education (Partnership). Each year, the Partnership tries to do some kind of project to promote food safety. This year, the Partnership decided to work with Health Canada on their Food Safety is in Your Hands campaign. The Partnership already assisted in shaping some of the messages Health Canada developed. It is well thought out and provides “tools” that can be used by CARI members to promote food safety this year.

The campaign includes video ready for use, one of which addresses the specific challenge of handling frozen, breaded chicken products. This is the chicken item for which the inner bag has been enhanced to ensure consumers understand that these products need to be fully cooked before eating. The idea, of course, is to get this food safety material out to consumers as often and as broadly as possible. The material includes, in both languages, files for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest posts. The following link can be used to download the files. It is a large zip file and may take some time. Click here to download.

At least, we would suggest you add some of the material most relevant to your products to your website or post them to the social media used by your firm. Please let the national office know if you are using the material so that we can provide feedback to Health Canada. If you have suggestions about the material or require a change to be made for you to use the material, lett us know as well because Health Canada may be able to accommodate. The goal is to inform consumers because consumers with food safety knowledge are less likely to be involved in a food safety incident and from this we all benefit. For those manufacturing frozen, breaded products, we would like to report to Health Canada that use is being made of the video. This will demonstrate industry’s concern about this issue and that further regulatory action may not be needed.


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